Imagine growing up in an orphanage.  Not having the support system of parents or family to call your own.  No possessions other than a few sets of clothes and some personal items.  Now imagine you’ve just turned 18 with an 8th grade education and no possibility to find a job and it’s time to head out on your own.  Pretty overwhelming? Now picture that you live in Haiti.

This is what our Garden Graduates face when it’s time for them to leave the Garden.  Dr. Morquette works hard to place these kids in a safe environment where they can continue their education.  Since most people can’t afford to feed their families three times a day, finding someone (usually an extended relative) to take the kids in is very difficult unless they can contribute and pay for their own room and board.  The alternative is they will become part of the mainstream of Port-au-Prince, living on the streets and barely surviving.

This is where Hearten Haiti Project comes in.  We come along side the graduates and help them with their room and board and the cost of their ongoing education.  Because Hearten Haiti Project is run completely by volunteers, 100% of contributions go directly to the graduates.  The support they receive from HHP is usually their only source of income.

Although we call them graduates, these young adults still have a long way to go to complete their education.  They arrived at the Garden with little or no education so they still have several years before they receive a high school diploma.  Our desire is to cover the cost of their room and board, keep them safe and pay tuition so their education is not interrupted.  Other factors to be considered are transportation, school supplies and books.  These are small things to most of us; but they can be insurmountable obstacles for these young adults.


Mais Gate 42
Cazeau, Haiti