King's Hospital falls under a Haitian NGO by the name of Kings Organization. The Hospital has existed for over 16 years, supporting itself through payment of services and mostly from outside resources. In addition to the Hearten Haiti Team, King's is partnered with several US church and medical organizations. Without the contributions and services provided by these partners, it would be difficult to maintain the high level of medical attention given to their patients. They are dependent on short term mission doctors & nurses, along with outside sources for medical supplies and equipment.

On January 12th, as we all know, Haiti was literally turned up-side down. An already desperate country faced an incomprehensible nightmare and Kings Hospital was in the middle of it.  Dr. Morquette and Dr. Junie were aided by a visiting surgeon, Dr. Alexander and his wife for the first few days until relief agencies intervened.  The hospital grounds were covered with wounded men, woman and children. 

Since that time hundreds of patients and a host of medical teams have come through King's doors, many lives have been saved.  King's was named one of the top 8 hospitals in the relief effort.  Now with willing givers they will continue to survive and strive toward self-sufficiency.


Mais Gate 42
Cazeau, Haiti