Teri's Visit with King's Garden and the Graduates


Hello Sponsors, friends and family. THANK YOU for your prayers regarding my (Teri) trip to Port au Prince, June 23-July 2, to work alongside the Park Street Church of Boston Team (PSCT). Your prayers were answered because it was a great trip, we all got along well, stayed healthy, and had a wonderful time with the King’s children and Graduates. Additionally, I learned so much from the PSCT!

King’s Garden

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, the PSCT hosted a VERY creative and high energy Vacation Bible School for the King’s Garden and a handful of school children. The theme was the Fruit of the Spirit, which was reinforced via Bible story dramas that the children acted out, songs, crafts and games. In the afternoon, it was all about having fun as some played sports (volleyball, badminton, baseball and soccer); some did crafts (friendship bracelets), games (Jenga or Connect 4), and puzzles; and some colored or enjoyed books (a member of the PSCT had written a couple of books). All of the children participated in the end of the day squirt bottle contest to see who would end up the wettest; it was always me. In addition, we taught the children how to play chess as I brought 10 chess/checker/backgammon sets for them. I thought some of the younger children would just want to play checkers but they all wanted to learn chess. Finally, on the last Sunday, we hosted an ice cream party and handed out goody bags. The children sang a worship song that a Hearten Haiti Team had taught them and then the older children took turns stepping forward and thanking us for coming to spend time with them and especially for teaching them about Jesus. The PSCT and I were very touched and shed a few tears as we said our good byes.


Mobile Medical Clinics

On Tuesday and Thursday, we assisted Dr. Morquette with mobile medical clinics in rural areas with little to no access to medical care and it was an incredible experience.  The PSCT was comprised of two doctors who, along with Dr. Morquette, saw over 200 patients over the two days. In addition, the PSCT set up a pharmacy that was stocked via an Amazon Wish List that was publicized throughout their church prior to the trip. The three of us non-medical people, who were not involved in the pharmacy, entertained children and I had the privilege of praying with those waiting for medical care. Noel had taught me how to ask if they would like me to pray for them in Creole and virtually everyone wanted prayer, even though I had to pray in English. It was a very moving experience for me!


King’s Graduates

The King’s Garden Graduates trickled in to the Quisquea compound, which is just a couple blocks from Dr. Morquette’s Guest House, on Saturday July 30, which worked out great as they were able to mingle and catch up with each other and I was able to capture prayer requests with the translation help of Wilna and Juniot. We then moved to the pavilion area and each took a turn at the microphone to sing, rap, play an instrument, give a word of encouragement or thanks to the sponsors and to Dr. Morquette and soon it was time for lunch, which was a feast to behold.  Then Dr. Morquette gave a message, we sang some worship songs, the Columbus Ohio team, that was staying at the Guest House, came down to meet the Grads and we wrapped up a wonderful day. But it didn’t end there, several stayed and walked to Papillion, had a soda and hung out while the Association Officers transmitted plans and dreams that they wanted me to convey to Laura and Annette. Their prayer requests were for wisdom and discernment to be able to make good decisions for the Association, it’s members, and the future.


It was a very memorable trip and as I stated at the beginning, I learned a lot from the PSCT that will enhance how and what I do in the future. Thank you for your prayers, your partnership, and your financial support to HHP!!!