Michele's Story

Each month we will be featuring one of the life stories of the King's Garden Graduates.   This month we highlight Michelle's story.  Michelle  was the first orphan from King's to turn 18, leave the security of the Garden, and face the world on her own.  Learn more about the Garden Graduates. My name is Michelle. I was born on March 8th 1989 in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. I have five brothers and I had two sisters but one of my older sisters died. I share the same parents with my three younger brothers, Jean Marc, Marc Noel, and Coffy. The other two brothers have a different father. I have never lived with them so I don’t know what is happening in their lives. Before my mom’s death, I lived with my biological parents. I have some family from my mother side. They don’t really know my brothers and me. Most of my father’s family lives in Carrefour but everyone minds their own business. We are a part of the family but that’s it. My life before King’s Garden is fuzzy and nasty. We did not have a comfortable house. We couldn’t go to school or church. We didn’t have any food. We ate only once a day and not until nighttime. Some times our neighbors would give us some food and drink in the morning. When my parents had enough money, I got to go to school for a little while. If they got more money than one of my brothers could also go to school. When my parents were moneyless, none of us got to go to school.

I came to King’s Garden after my mother’s death. My aunt knew someone who worked at King’s Hospital and they talked to Dr. Junie about our situation. Our mother was our all and all. She was our nights and days. Unfortunately our father was a drunk so he couldn’t think or plan anything for us. So that is why we ended up at the Garden.

I live in my hometown; Carrefour and I live with my youngest Aunt Estephanie. I would like to be a nurse because there is a many sick people and only a few doctors and nurses to take care of them. I love to care for other people.

I love to go the beach and of course I feel better when I’m with the other kids at King’s Garden.