Juniot's Story

Each month we will be featuring one of the life stories of the King’s Garden Graduates. This month we highlight Juniot's story. Juniot left the Garden when he turned 18. He has been able to finish high school and is the second one from King's to enter college. He has completed his first year and is one his way to becoming an engineer. This was only possible due to the support he has received from the sponsors of The Hearten Haiti Project. Learn more about the Garden Graduates and how you can help. My name is Juniot. I was born in 1990 in an area called Furcy (Kenscoff) West Haiti. It’s cold in this area. My mom and my dad have nine children. I am the fourth one. The youngest one is 8 years old. Because of pain and sickness my parents no longer are able to farm, and are not able to take care of us. Three of my siblings still live with my parents. The rest of us live in Port au Prince. My sister Wydeline is 14 years old and in the seventh grade. With support I receive from my sponsors, I am able to help her continue with her school. We don’t have a job but we are a Christian family. Before I went to King’s Garden in 2001 at age 11, all the siblings and my parents were living together. We siblings would work on the farm, go to school and go to church. Dr. Morquette and Dr. Junie with other people used to come do a medical clinic in the area and my mom used to go to the clinic. One day Dr. Junie asked if it would help if she took one of us to the orphanage. My parents did not like that I was going to live in an orphanage and that they would not be allowed to visit me. But they agreed it would help. That’s how I ended up in King’s Garden. My parents came to visit me but were not allowed to see me. They ended up discouraged. In 2004, the orphanage moved to a different location. My parents didn’t receive any news about me. From what I’ve heard, my parents were very sad and crying all the time. They thought I was lost. I was in King’s Garden for seven years and the people at King’s were my family. When I turned 18 in 2008 I had to leave. Dr. Morquette and Dr. Junie asked me if I remember the way to go to my house. They had a driver take me to visit them. When I got there my family was shocked. They thought I was lost. It was a celebration. They thanked God a lot and praised God and they had joy in their heart. When I left King’s Garden I was in tenth grade. I did not have any family living in Port au Prince. I stayed with Dr. Junie’s friend to continue my school, the same school I used to go to before, New College Bird; One of the best schools in Port au Prince. Things weren’t easy for me to be able to respond to the need from my school: books, transportation, and clothing. Funds I received from my sponsors were just enough to pay for rent and food. I did not stop praying to God for more help. Some of my friends knew my situation and always helped me out with what they had. Somehow God sent another special sponsor to me who helped me a lot. Oh, that was marvelous! Thank you to all of you, all the glory to God in Heaven. Right now I am living with my older sister (Viergelie) and my little sister too (Wydeline) for about six months. We live in Tabarre. Since I was little my dream was to be an engineer. With the grace of God I am in my first year of administration in a private University. I will graduate after five years. I know God will help me to finish my degree and I know my life’s plan is in my savior who has all the power. (Jeremiah 29:11) I enjoy reading, listening to music and watching educational TV, spending time with people I love, changing ideas, and talking about the future. When I compare my life with my childhood friends, I realize God blessed my life. I understand it was all God’s plan for me to grow up in King’s Garden, living with strangers who became brothers and sisters, and I know the Word of God more. I live my life to be a model and a blessing to those who don’t understand God. I learned everything is possible for those who believe in God. Today with the blessings of God, and all the people who help me, I am the only one from my brothers and sisters who ended up in college. I understand when you work with God he always puts people in your way to show you agape love, courage and good things. I thank God for the Holy Spirit he put in my life to give me strength and courage when I feel alone, discouraged and sad. Thank you to all of you who have thought and will think about King’s Garden and to all of you who are not in King’s Garden anymore. I would like to say a special thanks to Lacart family and Schramm family for all the love they have for me. God bless you all. I wish everyone who is going to read this story would like to help children in King’s. Do not hesitate. May God bless you. Thank you in advance to you all. Juniot