Jean Marc's Story

My real name is Jean Marc but I am known as Moise which is my nickname my grandpa gave to me. I was born December 14, 1990. I grew up in a big family in my grandpa’s house. It was a little house but there were a lot of people living in it; my grandpa, my grandma, my mom, my uncle, my aunt, my brother, my sister, and my two cousins. When I was 8, my mom and my dad went to live in a different house and my brother and sister went with them, that was the time things weren’t too good. My mom was a vender and that is how she used to take care of us. My dad did not have a job but sometimes he had something to do to make a living just not all the time. We always skipped school because my parents did not have enough money to pay for school for us. When I was 12 years old I used to go fishing with other people and used to do some side jobs. I used to have fun with my friends. When I was 13, my mom passed away and things started getting really difficult for us. It wasn’t too long until my Aunt Gracia found a place to put us and that place was King’s Garden. In March 2003, King’s Garden welcomed us. We ate better, made some good friends, and had people who took really good care of us. We went to school and was taught the word of God. It was like we were in paradise. We were happy we did not miss anything. Sometimes we felt sad too because we remember family members and friends we left at home that used to live with us. God helped us to get through all those times. In the year 2006, I started secondary school. I was happy, I am not perfect but I always had good grades. When I was 18 I left the garden and returned to live with my family. Things weren’t better but God put people in my way to continue to help me go to school and take care of some important needs for me. I continue to go to church and school. This year(2014) I graduated from high school. I am working, I teach English for kids in primary school and I do other things too. I hope and pray to God to make a way so I can go to the university this year. This is my dream to become an architect. I like to watch action movies. go to the beach, swim and travel. And I like mangos.