2014 Graduate Discipleship Trip

Submitted by Ro & Karen Sparacio August 1, 2014Faithful prayer support team, During our time in Haiti your prayers were felt and answered. We definitely felt the presence of the Holy Spirit after a rough start (one of our team members had a passport snafu). We were able to connect with the Graduates on a deeper level and our conversations revealed their current greatest concerns and how we might be able to prepare future alumni from Kings. Two days with the alumni involved devotions, bible study and 'hang time'. We also met with Pierre Julian, a Haitian man who has a heart for his country and mentoring young adults on a holistic level to impact the culture and country of Haiti. He has committed to mentoring the alumni on a regular basis, which is a critical component to their next steps as young adults. Pierre also will counsel future teams supplementing his mentoring and the alumni's need for skills. The other part of our time was spent with the children at Kings Garden and included team building activities, songs, crafts and dancing. The children enjoyed the hoola hoops we brought and proved they are way more flexible than we are! They also loved the karaoke machine we brought and played praise music for hours, singing along in English and Creole. Like most children, they are like sponges and want to learn whatever we are willing to teach them: English words, bible stories, praise songs, or games. But mostly these children want to be held and loved on and we did that as much as we could. They are precious children and a joy to be around. The four days we had with both groups of children went fast and once again we came home experiencing culture shock comparing the wealth of all we have here in the U.S to the little the Haitians have. While we had a great time with the kids and learned a lot, we also were saddened by some of the stories we heard. But that drives us back to Jesus, who is Father to all and is in control of all things. We wouldn't be able to do these trips without your prayer support, so once again we thank you for lifting us up. Blessings, Ro and Karen