King's 2015 Summer Update

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due seasonwe will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 LET US NOT GIVE UP June and July 2015 What an exciting summer we’re having! It started with a reminder of the difference King’s organization makes for the surrounding community. We were so thrilled to meet Miss Eclide Jean-Baptiste, who was treated at our facility for a bad leg injury after the Earthquake. Eclide had vowed to come back and volunteer for two months with us, should the Lord let her walk again. These two past months, our Community Health staff was enthusiastic to welcome her as their own, to serve together and share her testimony. Praise God! Along with her husband Laurent Nicolas, Valerie Morquette visited Denver Community Church in June. They received a warm welcome from the Miedema’s and were given the opportunity to meet with friends and people who’ve been supporting King’s Garden for months. On Sunday, June 21st, Valerie gave an update at a DCC meeting about King’s Garden and the improvement that were brought through DCC’s commitment. At both Sunday morning meetings, Valérie stressed out how church support to missionary work around the world is more than just charity, but a God given way to lift up people. In King’s Garden’s case, it helps us raise our children into responsible adults in dignity. We send special thanks and blessings to those who support us in that difficult task, especially Ed and Christie Miedema and their friends who generously donate and believe in our work. Back to Haiti, we were happy to welcome the Mission humanitaire team from Montreal, Québec. Thanks to them, King’s Garden now has a small library, which we hope, will help the children develop their taste for reading. Mission Humanitaire team was also very efficient with some much needed renovation work in the orphanage homes. Special thanks to the team leaders Manon and Clive who made it all possible. We were also very blessed to welcome the Boston Park Street Church Team, headed by Grace Huang and Mark Snell. The Bible camp group conducted exciting activities with the children, including crafting and drama. At the end of the visit, the children made a theater presentation of the Good Samaritan story, which was very creative. The medical members of the team helped us greatly with hospital work and participated in two Mobile Clinics days in the community. Nearly two hundred people from very underprivileged areas of Port-au-Prince thus received medical consultations and medicines. It was a real blessing to have Nathan, the water engineer who worked very hard to repair our drinkable water system and test the water quality. Finally, it was also a great occasion to discuss and share ideas about the Sustainable Pharmacy Project, for which BPSC is partnering with King’s Organization. The Extra Egg project we’ve been telling you about for many months has finally started. This July, we received twenty hens, which provide eggs to our children every other day. Not only is this a great complement to their diet, but it also represents a great skill learning opportunity for the children who are taking care or the hens, feeding them, and gathering the eggs. King’s update LET’S PRAY FOR • Haiti in this election year • Our sustainability efforts • Our donors and partners • Our staff • Our children • Our new projects to improve our work • A real impact on the community to His Glory WHAT’S NEW? ••• The Sustainable Pharmacy Project has been brewing for some time now. Thanks to Boston Park Street Church, we are analyzing the possibilities to make our pharmacy a reference for the community and a sustainable revenue post for our organization. King’s management along team members from Boston Park Street Church, had a very promising meeting about the needs, the resources and the project’s development. In the coming months, we hope to raise our pharmacy to a higher level. Keep this project in your prayers. WANT TO GET INVOLVED ? • Donations • Medical, maintenance and Children Ministries teams. SHARE YOUR SUGGESTIONS Tel : (509) 34 01 32 92 - Haiti (514) 812 85 28 - Montreal