September 2015 Trip

Haiti is in good hands! Hello Sponsors, friends and family. THANK YOU for your prayers. God was listening.

King’s Garden It was a very productive trip. Thursday was a day to enjoy the kids at the orphanage. Teri Dykhuis had the Garden kids total attention with the story and crafts she had planned. The kids read the story of David and Goliath and then had crafts to go along with the story. They colored a huge picture of Goliath and then made poppers that shot yarn balls at him. They also made David’s pouch and rocks out of felt and clay. They threw the clay at Goliath and conquered the giant. When you have a little bit of chaos, you know it was a success.

We had a short visit with the kids Sunday afternoon. We went to their church service and enjoyed watching them devour the mangos my friend Twana bought for the kids.

Graduates from King’s Garden Friday ReachGlobal graciously came and taught Bible storying to the Graduates from the Garden. The training taught the kids the art of storytelling, which helps to illustrate points and share the gospel. Reachglobal used the story of Zaccheaus and then the graduates were divided into teams and assigned a Bible story to learn and retell.

While the Graduates were participating with ReachGlobal, Mark and I met one on one with each of the young adults. We were able to get updates on their lives and had the privilege to pray for them about their biggest concerns. It gives us a peek of the daily struggles these kids face and how important it is to continue to support and encourage them.

One of the main goals of this ministry is to help them become independent productive adults. We ultimately want the kids to be empowered and not dependent on us. An important step to this process is to form an Association that is able to distribute their monthly funds with out relying on King’s Organization, Dr. Morquette or any other outside help, other than Hearten Haiti Project (HHP) and the support their sponsors send. The first step is to become a legal association so they can open a bank account. This should become official at the end of September. They have already established the leadership team as follows: President Jean Marc (Moise) Alexandre, Treasurer Juniot Jean-Baptiste, Secretary Wilna Francois, Advisor Sindy Francois and Assistant Secretary Melissa Metellus.

Saturday was devoted to casting vision for the association. God had already been working! The leadership team had already had many discussions about the organization. The kids were on the same page as us and took over the meeting. We were blow away by how much thought they had already put into the issues such as distributing the monthly money with out cash to protect everyone involved. They will take over all requests for money and follow up with collecting receipts, verifying report cards and general accountability. We also encouraged them to dream big. With good stewardship comes more opportunity. If all goes well, we will help them raise money that can start a small business such as making soap. We can send mission teams that will support their vision and help them raise resources to create jobs and income for themselves. The kids had already been talking about such possibilities.

I am so encouraged by this trip. In the past it has been about how can we help them. Now it is about them owning their future and the possibilities are endless!

King's 2015 Summer Update

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due seasonwe will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 LET US NOT GIVE UP June and July 2015 What an exciting summer we’re having! It started with a reminder of the difference King’s organization makes for the surrounding community. We were so thrilled to meet Miss Eclide Jean-Baptiste, who was treated at our facility for a bad leg injury after the Earthquake. Eclide had vowed to come back and volunteer for two months with us, should the Lord let her walk again. These two past months, our Community Health staff was enthusiastic to welcome her as their own, to serve together and share her testimony. Praise God! Along with her husband Laurent Nicolas, Valerie Morquette visited Denver Community Church in June. They received a warm welcome from the Miedema’s and were given the opportunity to meet with friends and people who’ve been supporting King’s Garden for months. On Sunday, June 21st, Valerie gave an update at a DCC meeting about King’s Garden and the improvement that were brought through DCC’s commitment. At both Sunday morning meetings, Valérie stressed out how church support to missionary work around the world is more than just charity, but a God given way to lift up people. In King’s Garden’s case, it helps us raise our children into responsible adults in dignity. We send special thanks and blessings to those who support us in that difficult task, especially Ed and Christie Miedema and their friends who generously donate and believe in our work. Back to Haiti, we were happy to welcome the Mission humanitaire team from Montreal, Québec. Thanks to them, King’s Garden now has a small library, which we hope, will help the children develop their taste for reading. Mission Humanitaire team was also very efficient with some much needed renovation work in the orphanage homes. Special thanks to the team leaders Manon and Clive who made it all possible. We were also very blessed to welcome the Boston Park Street Church Team, headed by Grace Huang and Mark Snell. The Bible camp group conducted exciting activities with the children, including crafting and drama. At the end of the visit, the children made a theater presentation of the Good Samaritan story, which was very creative. The medical members of the team helped us greatly with hospital work and participated in two Mobile Clinics days in the community. Nearly two hundred people from very underprivileged areas of Port-au-Prince thus received medical consultations and medicines. It was a real blessing to have Nathan, the water engineer who worked very hard to repair our drinkable water system and test the water quality. Finally, it was also a great occasion to discuss and share ideas about the Sustainable Pharmacy Project, for which BPSC is partnering with King’s Organization. The Extra Egg project we’ve been telling you about for many months has finally started. This July, we received twenty hens, which provide eggs to our children every other day. Not only is this a great complement to their diet, but it also represents a great skill learning opportunity for the children who are taking care or the hens, feeding them, and gathering the eggs. King’s update LET’S PRAY FOR • Haiti in this election year • Our sustainability efforts • Our donors and partners • Our staff • Our children • Our new projects to improve our work • A real impact on the community to His Glory WHAT’S NEW? ••• The Sustainable Pharmacy Project has been brewing for some time now. Thanks to Boston Park Street Church, we are analyzing the possibilities to make our pharmacy a reference for the community and a sustainable revenue post for our organization. King’s management along team members from Boston Park Street Church, had a very promising meeting about the needs, the resources and the project’s development. In the coming months, we hope to raise our pharmacy to a higher level. Keep this project in your prayers. WANT TO GET INVOLVED ? • Donations • Medical, maintenance and Children Ministries teams. SHARE YOUR SUGGESTIONS Tel : (509) 34 01 32 92 - Haiti (514) 812 85 28 - Montreal

King's Organization Update 2014

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13Dear friends, We have just reached the end of the fiscal year. We praise God for all we have been able to accomplish, in spite of the lean resources, by being parsimonious without compromising with the standards of care our patients deserve. We are growing, though slowly. Looking around us, and being myself the president of the Christian Association of the Hospital and Health Clinics in Haiti, I was able to witness the difficulties all missions or humanitarian medical works have been facing. Some even have closed their operations. This is due to the decline of the international donations and the consequence of the “decapitalization” of the families in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area after the earthquake that hit us more than four years ago. Our effort toward generating more local funds has been successful. Our daily income ratio has been generally improving (35 % in December; 52% in March; 64 % in June; 45 % in September). However, we still have an important loss of earnings. A large portion of our debt has been met by our friends from the Xenos Community Fellowship in Columbus, Ohio, but we are still in need of 60,000 dollars to meet our expense budget. Hopes are higher than ever, as Haiti seems to be moving ahead: roads are being built and the international airport has been renovated into a more modern facility. Several public buildings are being rebuilt in downtown Port-au-Prince. Moreover, a new airport is now in operation in Cap-Haitien in the North and American Airlines has inaugurated its first flight there. More hotels are being built and the number of tourists is increasing. The Haitian authorities are promoting the country saying “Haiti is open for business”. May God bless these efforts.

King’s Garden and School Our children at the Garden are growing and are doing well at school. We definitely need more sponsors to keep the Garden and the primary school in good standards. As you know, Kenken, Rodriguez, Rolando are graduated from the Garden and went back during to their relatives the summer. Robinson will be leaving to be with a new family anytime from now. October 2014 We are currently caring for 33 children, 21 boys and 12 girls. We recently welcomed Dieunie and Yvemalande, 2 sisters of 13 and 8 years old. Please, continue to pray for: • Noel and Koffy, Naika, Love-Danny and Wolf-Kerby as their adoption dossier is still pending although near completion • More sponsors to keep the orphanage and the primary school in good standards.

King’s Hospital The shelter for the generator machines is being built. Let’s pray for a team of electricians who are visiting from October 19th to 25th in order to redesign all the connections and install automatic devices for an improved electrical system for the King’s campus. Let’s praise God for Dr. and Mrs. Ed Miedema who will be leading this team from Denver Community Church (Denver, CO) and for Lumiere Medical Ministries and Charlie Pearson in Gastonia NC who financially supported the construction. During this fiscal year, in spite of the road blocks due to construction, we have improved in yield in comparison with last year: • 254 surgical interventions • 6,049 outpatient consultations • 794 hospitalizations • 11,263 lab tests • 328 X-rays • 115 deliveries

We praise God for our chaplain, Pastor Smith Lyron, who successfully underwent surgery for glaucoma in Michigan. Through his ministry, 52 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were addressed to an evangelical church near their home. He and the Community Health staff continue to deliver preventative care to vulnerable children and women in the vicinity of the hospital and do training for the volunteer pastors and church leaders. They have immunized more than 1000 children and women and taught more than 20,000 community and church members around the hospital. Let’s also praise God for our friends from the Apostolic Christian Church, Lumiere Medical Ministries, Hearten Haiti, Christ Community Church (St-Charles, Illinois) and Tearfund UK who continue to financially support us. Thank you all who visited us, prayed for us and sent donations to make our work reach the success we have had this year. Your partnership is important to us. Please, continue to pray for Haiti and for us as 2015 will be an election year and may be tensed. We are determined to make a difference in the life of the people we are serving. It may seem a drop in an ocean of needs but it means a lot for each and every life transformed by the power of the love and compassion given in the name of our Lord Jesus-Christ. In His name, Hubert and Junie | | 509 3 401 38 44 | 509 3 401 3292

2014 Graduate Discipleship Trip

Submitted by Ro & Karen Sparacio August 1, 2014Faithful prayer support team, During our time in Haiti your prayers were felt and answered. We definitely felt the presence of the Holy Spirit after a rough start (one of our team members had a passport snafu). We were able to connect with the Graduates on a deeper level and our conversations revealed their current greatest concerns and how we might be able to prepare future alumni from Kings. Two days with the alumni involved devotions, bible study and 'hang time'. We also met with Pierre Julian, a Haitian man who has a heart for his country and mentoring young adults on a holistic level to impact the culture and country of Haiti. He has committed to mentoring the alumni on a regular basis, which is a critical component to their next steps as young adults. Pierre also will counsel future teams supplementing his mentoring and the alumni's need for skills. The other part of our time was spent with the children at Kings Garden and included team building activities, songs, crafts and dancing. The children enjoyed the hoola hoops we brought and proved they are way more flexible than we are! They also loved the karaoke machine we brought and played praise music for hours, singing along in English and Creole. Like most children, they are like sponges and want to learn whatever we are willing to teach them: English words, bible stories, praise songs, or games. But mostly these children want to be held and loved on and we did that as much as we could. They are precious children and a joy to be around. The four days we had with both groups of children went fast and once again we came home experiencing culture shock comparing the wealth of all we have here in the U.S to the little the Haitians have. While we had a great time with the kids and learned a lot, we also were saddened by some of the stories we heard. But that drives us back to Jesus, who is Father to all and is in control of all things. We wouldn't be able to do these trips without your prayer support, so once again we thank you for lifting us up. Blessings, Ro and Karen  

Discipleship Trip Summary

What a privilege to spend three days with our Young adults from King’s Garden. The first day we had 16 out of 18 Graduates attend. The second and third day we had all 18 in attendance. I was so encouraged that their roots in King’s Garden are strong enough to make this time with us and each other their priority. We provided breakfast, lunch and transportation each day for them and that allowed for us to start on time and have time for fellowship. In our three days, we discussed what kind of soil we are, God’s Love, Sin, Truth, Power, & Hope.

Our main purpose of the trip was to help them establish Bible Study on their own. During the teaching time we taught them a method they can apply to their reading and for discussion. It simply asks…What did you like about this passage (thumbs up)? What did you not like about this passage (thumbs down)? What does this teach you about the nature of God (point up)? What does this teach you about the nature of people (point down)? How can I apply this to myself (point to self)? Who are you going to share this with (point out)? The most rewarding part of the trip was to see the kids in their small group applying the method. They were into it and took it very seriously. We challenged them to meet regularly and have a Bible Study and pray for each other. They elected a leader (that was very entertaining) and will meet the last Saturday of the month at King’s. I’ll be checking in with them to see how it goes.

The highlight of the trip was when the kids spontaneously started sharing how the consistency of CCC and the GoTeams impacted their lives. They so appreciated the support of the sponsors and that they were not abandoned when they left the Garden. For myself I really needed to hear that. With the difference in language and culture it’s not always clear that we are appreciated. So incase you were wondering, YES we are making a difference. TeamGrads copy 2013-08TeamGradsGroup

"An Oasis of Hope"

Whenever we take a trip to a new country, we visualize what it may be like.  In the case of Haiti, nothing we had pictured in our minds became reality.  Many of the roads were the worst we had ever driven on.  The people seemed as though they had accepted the reality of their lives, very poor economic conditions with little hope for improvement.  Coming into Kings Garden, the people seemed like they were at an oasis of hope.  The orphans were happy, with big smiles, interacting with one another in a loving way, the way happy kids do.  The graduates of the orphanage had a reunion on one of the days we visited and their love for each other was beyond description.  The children at the school looked so nice in their uniforms and were very attentive and eager to learn.  The teachers were very impressive.  The hospital patients did not show the same qualities so they represented some of the poorest in Haiti.  I think they impacted the staff as the staff's level of joy and enthusiasm seemed low. Written by Tom after his trip to Haiti and King's Organization October 2012


Over the past year, King's Hospital implemented a free program for expecting women and their new born babies. The main offer of this program is free care for women of vulnerable families in the vicinity of the hospital during and after their pregnancies, free delivery and health care for the new born infants. THIS PROGRAM IS SAVING LIVES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!! The infant mortality rate in Haiti is estimated at 54/1000 births and the maternal mortality rate is at 630/100,000 births. This is the highest in the Western Hemisphere!

The women are counseled in family planning and health education. Mothers and babies are provided with immunizations, vitamins and special care needs.

You can be a part of saving lives by donating to this worthy program. Our goal is to raise $95,000.00 to support King's Hospital in these life saving efforts.


The hospital is doing well. The number of hospitalizations is increasing every day. Since November, we received 50 visitors and 6 medical professionals who performed numerous urologic surgical interventions.  One of the patients, as I was discharging him from the hospital, told me: “Doctor, It is a miracle in my life that I am able to void naturally again. I had the catheter for more than one year. Now, I am a new person. I will pray for King’s Hospital and for those visiting doctors”. We are so happy that Pastor Lyron Smith is back to work with us as a full time chaplain at the Hospital. The need for a full time pastor to present the gospel to the patients and their relatives, to pray with them, to counsel and support spiritually the staff was increasing.

Jacques Lequatre, we met at radio Lumiere in the 70’s and his wife Nassaie came to spend 1 month with us. Jacques trained our staff in basic computer programs and Nassaie worked with the school teachers to teach them new pedagogic skills.  We were all blessed by their ministry among us. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lab and X-ray technicians, school teachers and few of our Kings Garden staff and children have learned how to better use particularly Word and Excel programs.

As our committments grow so do our needs... please continue to pray with us for...

1) Free Maternal Care Program (Mother/Child Health Program.) Our program delivering free care to pregnant women is still running. While it went down during a few months, we feel that the hospital needs to continue to play its role in decreasing the Maternal Mortality rate.  This program allows vulnerable women to deliver in a safe environment. Please help us to continue this vital undertaking.  This program is literally saving lives of mothers and babies.

2) The construction of the new Administrative building of the hospital.  Cost: 305,000 USD

With the increasing number of surgical interventions, we need a larger space for sterilization of the OR material and supplies. We are still sterilizing our large instruments one after another as the size of our autoclave chambers is too small to accommodate the bigger surgical instruments.  We will need more space to accomodate the larger equipment and expediate the surgical procedures.

3) The third story of the school building. Cost: 50,000 USD

Due to lack of space, children of several grades are taught in the same class room. We also need room where we can install computers to teach our school children basic computer skills.  Education is a missing link in Haiti and vital to the country's growth.

4) The need of a vehicle for Kings Hospital. Cost: 50,000 US dollars.

We are dedicated to the needs of our patients, any support you can provide is greatly appreciated as we treat the poorest of the poor in our beloved country of Haiti. Respecfully, Dr. Hubert Morquette



Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti

Written by Laurie Mueller

July 16, 2012upon return from Haiti missions.

Dear faithful friends and family,

God has brought me home from Haiti with a changed heart.  It was a powerfully moving experience.

I cannot thank you enough for your support.   Please permit me to try to describe my experience……

Imagine sitting in an air conditioned van, driving through the chaotic, pot-holed streets of Port-au-Prince. You see block after block of concrete walls, rubble and garbage, tent cities scattered throughout, with remnants of “US AID..a gift from the American people” on the tent tarps. Goats, dogs, roosters walk freely amongst the crowds and gaudy colored “tap-taps”(taxis).  Women and men carrying baskets and water bags on their heads, and row after row of people desperate to sell their produce and second hand shoes & clothes on the edge of the street.  Their faces grab you. Sadness, despair, just trying to survive.  From the van I feel so isolated and insolated from the people….so I put my hand on the window, just trying to connect, wave, get a smile from someone…. especially a child.  Then it hits me… these are the poor, the oppressed, the needy, the ones for whom Jesus said, “whatever you do for the least of these, you do unto Me.” These are the ones so very precious to the heart of Jesus. The ones whom He reached out to actually touch with His hand and heart of hope.  Who am I that I should be given this privilege to walk in Jesus’ sandals to enter His heart to bring His hope to these precious souls?


I think of times I have thought and heard others say we feel uncomfortable being amongst the poor, being in such a setting.  We’d rather remain in the other side of the air conditioned window.  Why is this?  Is it because we prefer our creature comforts? We’re offended by the sights and smells? It makes us feel guilty for what we have? We’d rather not be reminded of such need for fear that we’d be challenged to do something, to give of ourselves to help them?  Frankly, I wonder if the poor are more privileged than I, because they have learned, yes out of necessity, to live a lifestyle of total dependence on God-to be their source for every daily need.  Our host, Dr. Hubert Morquette, told us, “Haitians have hope…not that the nation of Haiti will ever get better, no theirs is an individualistic hope….hope that life for myself will get better.” Could it be because they have learned the “better life” by leaning hard on God’s provision each day, experiencing- God the Source of all good- is trustworthy. Might I learn the same…to simply be a vessel receiving His grace and through which His grace flows? Could it be that creature comforts stop up the flow…Simplicity and generosity open up the flow… O Teach me, humble me, Lord Jesus.


This became my prayer as I interacted with the Haitian people and the orphaned children at King’s Garden orphanage.  The big dark eyes, the bright smiles on those coffee-colored faces, their laughter and joy in playing…they are simply children! Secured, safe, well cared for and loved by the efforts of Drs. Hubert and Junie Morquette, who chose to be vessels through whom God’s grace flows. While Junie was in Montreal preparing for their second daughter’s wedding, Hubert lavished us with delicious food and warm hospitality in his home with inspiring conversation every night about another aspect of life in Haiti-it’s history, voodoo, restivic children (abused orphans), life after the earthquake, the medical, economic and political situation there.  My view of the world has been opened wide…I have much to ponder….How am I to be a vessel of hope to Haiti?


An answer began to emerge by the middle of my week there. My heart was especially drawn to the older boys and girls, ages 16-18, who are about to leave the orphanage.  Two of the boys are in the process of being adopted by families from our home church, like 6-7 children before them.  But there were 2- 18 year old girls about to graduate too…what of hope for them?  When I came home, I was awed that God had put the same idea on Rich’s heart as He had on mine..without us even talking beforehand…..The One Who has given us so much…would have us partner with others to begin a scholarship program for these young men and women, to provide them vocational and university education opportunities so they can bring hope to Haiti.  He has brought hope through a heart that has been changed.  This is life abundant.  The privilege of being a vessel…experiencing God’s grace flowing in…Being a vessel through which God’s hope flows through.  What a liberating reality…seeing the Father …Who is the Source of All Good…bringing hope to people that matter to Him.      To Him be the glory.


Do you realize that you have been vessels too?  It was by God’s generosity flowing through your prayer and financial support that hope has come to these people, and my life has been changed.  I invite you to continue that flow…keep American Airlines in business in Haiti, providing jobs to their people….go and serve at King’s Hospital with your medical skills, at King’s Garden with your heart of love and educational skills, sponsor a child, support a graduate, pray for the people of Haiti.   I am convinced that the hope of Haiti will not come from governments and agencies but from individuals and churches working together to partner with and empower the strength within these people.  Together, let’s keep their hope alive!


With a heart of gratitude and hope for Haiti,