The hospital is doing well. The number of hospitalizations is increasing every day. Since November, we received 50 visitors and 6 medical professionals who performed numerous urologic surgical interventions.  One of the patients, as I was discharging him from the hospital, told me: “Doctor, It is a miracle in my life that I am able to void naturally again. I had the catheter for more than one year. Now, I am a new person. I will pray for King’s Hospital and for those visiting doctors”. We are so happy that Pastor Lyron Smith is back to work with us as a full time chaplain at the Hospital. The need for a full time pastor to present the gospel to the patients and their relatives, to pray with them, to counsel and support spiritually the staff was increasing.

Jacques Lequatre, we met at radio Lumiere in the 70’s and his wife Nassaie came to spend 1 month with us. Jacques trained our staff in basic computer programs and Nassaie worked with the school teachers to teach them new pedagogic skills.  We were all blessed by their ministry among us. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lab and X-ray technicians, school teachers and few of our Kings Garden staff and children have learned how to better use particularly Word and Excel programs.

As our committments grow so do our needs... please continue to pray with us for...

1) Free Maternal Care Program (Mother/Child Health Program.) Our program delivering free care to pregnant women is still running. While it went down during a few months, we feel that the hospital needs to continue to play its role in decreasing the Maternal Mortality rate.  This program allows vulnerable women to deliver in a safe environment. Please help us to continue this vital undertaking.  This program is literally saving lives of mothers and babies.

2) The construction of the new Administrative building of the hospital.  Cost: 305,000 USD

With the increasing number of surgical interventions, we need a larger space for sterilization of the OR material and supplies. We are still sterilizing our large instruments one after another as the size of our autoclave chambers is too small to accommodate the bigger surgical instruments.  We will need more space to accomodate the larger equipment and expediate the surgical procedures.

3) The third story of the school building. Cost: 50,000 USD

Due to lack of space, children of several grades are taught in the same class room. We also need room where we can install computers to teach our school children basic computer skills.  Education is a missing link in Haiti and vital to the country's growth.

4) The need of a vehicle for Kings Hospital. Cost: 50,000 US dollars.

We are dedicated to the needs of our patients, any support you can provide is greatly appreciated as we treat the poorest of the poor in our beloved country of Haiti. Respecfully, Dr. Hubert Morquette