Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti

Written by Laurie Mueller

July 16, 2012upon return from Haiti missions.

Dear faithful friends and family,

God has brought me home from Haiti with a changed heart.  It was a powerfully moving experience.

I cannot thank you enough for your support.   Please permit me to try to describe my experience……

Imagine sitting in an air conditioned van, driving through the chaotic, pot-holed streets of Port-au-Prince. You see block after block of concrete walls, rubble and garbage, tent cities scattered throughout, with remnants of “US AID..a gift from the American people” on the tent tarps. Goats, dogs, roosters walk freely amongst the crowds and gaudy colored “tap-taps”(taxis).  Women and men carrying baskets and water bags on their heads, and row after row of people desperate to sell their produce and second hand shoes & clothes on the edge of the street.  Their faces grab you. Sadness, despair, just trying to survive.  From the van I feel so isolated and insolated from the people….so I put my hand on the window, just trying to connect, wave, get a smile from someone…. especially a child.  Then it hits me… these are the poor, the oppressed, the needy, the ones for whom Jesus said, “whatever you do for the least of these, you do unto Me.” These are the ones so very precious to the heart of Jesus. The ones whom He reached out to actually touch with His hand and heart of hope.  Who am I that I should be given this privilege to walk in Jesus’ sandals to enter His heart to bring His hope to these precious souls?


I think of times I have thought and heard others say we feel uncomfortable being amongst the poor, being in such a setting.  We’d rather remain in the other side of the air conditioned window.  Why is this?  Is it because we prefer our creature comforts? We’re offended by the sights and smells? It makes us feel guilty for what we have? We’d rather not be reminded of such need for fear that we’d be challenged to do something, to give of ourselves to help them?  Frankly, I wonder if the poor are more privileged than I, because they have learned, yes out of necessity, to live a lifestyle of total dependence on God-to be their source for every daily need.  Our host, Dr. Hubert Morquette, told us, “Haitians have hope…not that the nation of Haiti will ever get better, no theirs is an individualistic hope….hope that life for myself will get better.” Could it be because they have learned the “better life” by leaning hard on God’s provision each day, experiencing- God the Source of all good- is trustworthy. Might I learn the same…to simply be a vessel receiving His grace and through which His grace flows? Could it be that creature comforts stop up the flow…Simplicity and generosity open up the flow… O Teach me, humble me, Lord Jesus.


This became my prayer as I interacted with the Haitian people and the orphaned children at King’s Garden orphanage.  The big dark eyes, the bright smiles on those coffee-colored faces, their laughter and joy in playing…they are simply children! Secured, safe, well cared for and loved by the efforts of Drs. Hubert and Junie Morquette, who chose to be vessels through whom God’s grace flows. While Junie was in Montreal preparing for their second daughter’s wedding, Hubert lavished us with delicious food and warm hospitality in his home with inspiring conversation every night about another aspect of life in Haiti-it’s history, voodoo, restivic children (abused orphans), life after the earthquake, the medical, economic and political situation there.  My view of the world has been opened wide…I have much to ponder….How am I to be a vessel of hope to Haiti?


An answer began to emerge by the middle of my week there. My heart was especially drawn to the older boys and girls, ages 16-18, who are about to leave the orphanage.  Two of the boys are in the process of being adopted by families from our home church, like 6-7 children before them.  But there were 2- 18 year old girls about to graduate too…what of hope for them?  When I came home, I was awed that God had put the same idea on Rich’s heart as He had on mine..without us even talking beforehand…..The One Who has given us so much…would have us partner with others to begin a scholarship program for these young men and women, to provide them vocational and university education opportunities so they can bring hope to Haiti.  He has brought hope through a heart that has been changed.  This is life abundant.  The privilege of being a vessel…experiencing God’s grace flowing in…Being a vessel through which God’s hope flows through.  What a liberating reality…seeing the Father …Who is the Source of All Good…bringing hope to people that matter to Him.      To Him be the glory.


Do you realize that you have been vessels too?  It was by God’s generosity flowing through your prayer and financial support that hope has come to these people, and my life has been changed.  I invite you to continue that flow…keep American Airlines in business in Haiti, providing jobs to their people….go and serve at King’s Hospital with your medical skills, at King’s Garden with your heart of love and educational skills, sponsor a child, support a graduate, pray for the people of Haiti.   I am convinced that the hope of Haiti will not come from governments and agencies but from individuals and churches working together to partner with and empower the strength within these people.  Together, let’s keep their hope alive!


With a heart of gratitude and hope for Haiti,