2012 King's Christmas Party

This year we decided to get the kids out of the Garden and into the beautiful Haitian countryside. Many of the Graduates joined us, which made it special for all the kids. Dr. Morquette gathered the kids and told them the Christmas story. We had a ton of food. After everybody had seconds, we fed the neighbors with the left-overs. The next day we had the present portion of the party. We started with the kids drawing each other’s name and then helped them pick out a present for the person they drew. We had a bunch of small gifts and they did a great job of matching the present with their person. This was my favorite part of the trip. I don’t think they had ever done anything like that before and they really enjoyed the whole process. Later we handed out their personal gift bag and then a Doll House for the girls and a Hot Wheel Garage for the boys. That must have been God’s idea because the kids were really excited with the gifts. Wednesday we also served the kids a big lunch with cake for desert. Some of the Graduates were able to come back and join us. It was a wonderful day where we got to just hang out with the kids.

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