2016 Christmas Party

Par-ty!  That’s what we did for three days straight and it was so much fun to be with the King’s Children and Graduates.

The King’s Children participated in two parties, one on Friday with their classmates from school (funded separately) and another private one just for them on Sunday after a beautiful church service, held in the conference room of King’s Hospital.

On Saturday we had a separate party for the Graduates, young adults who have aged out of the Garden.  They entertained us via singing songs and a brief presentation by one about how his life has recently been altered by God; we had a beautifully prepared lunch of salad, rice and beans, pasta and cheese casserole, and chicken and of course a bottle of soda.  Later Dr. Morquette came and gave them an inspirational Christmas message that held the Graduates captivated.  Then it was time for a little soccer playing; cutting and enjoying two cakes (one vanilla and the other chocolate); opening gifts; and finally fond farewells.  The Graduates loved their new shoes, which all fit, and the other gifts that they received.  The young men received a pair of sunglasses and the young ladies a lotion and a bracelet.  Jim videotaped a few of the Graduates and their stories were so touching; they are so thankful to God for their sponsors and very much aware of how different life would be without that precious support.  We were so humbled by the Graduates desire and prayers for God to bless their sponsors.  

 As mentioned above, the private party for the King’s children was held on Sunday after church.  One of the older girls read the Christmas story from the Creole Jesus storybook and then we attempted a craft of creating the manger scene from popsicle sticks; it was a little more difficult than anticipated but they enjoyed putting Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manger!  We played Christmas music on the boom box and danced.  When it was time for lunch, we all chowed down as it was again another beautiful meal replete with rice and beans and chicken.  Afterwards, we played various games with hula hoops, duck duck goose, and big fish little fish.  Finally, it was time to open presents.  The children all received two pairs of brand new shoes – a sandal and a gym shoe and then age appropriate gifts.  The young boys receiving a lego toy, coloring book, and crayons or markers and the young girls received a tiara, coloring book and crayons or markers.  The older girls received lotion, markers and stationery and the older boys received sunglasses and markers.  All of them received a snack bag of Pringles and cookies, a balloon, punching ball and a glider.  The younger children loved chasing and batting the balloons and the older children relished the punching balls; all of them enjoyed the gliders.  Finally it was time to call it a day but they were so preoccupied with their toys that there were no tears (thank goodness), plus they knew that we would return in the morning for a couple hours.

Monday, our day of departure, we returned to the Garden for more fun with balloons and gliders.  It was so great to see them enjoying their gifts and to just hang out.  This time with the children was such a joy!

We praise God for a great trip and everything coming together so well, that the gifts made it there without being broken or stolen (especially after one customs official took an interest in our shoes).  Most of all we are so thankful for the time spent with the King’s Children and Graduates who are so thankful for how they have been blessed and especially for their sponsors, who make it all possible.  Their gratitude is overwhelming!      

Check out the video!




2015 Christmas Party

To see a slide show of the highlights visit our facebook page. Seventh time is the charm! Things went very smoothly this year. We made the most of the short time we had.

Sunday after church, we frosted cookies with the kids at the orphanage. I believe this is one of the highlights for the kids. We purposely separated it from the main party to spread out the food. The kids notoriously get sick after the party because of eating too much.

Monday was the big party with the kids at the Garden. We had stories, crafts, and games. Teri Dykhuis and Amy Nelson did a great job at keeping the kids busy. Right after lunch we continued the Christmas story with the wise men, which lead right into giving out the group gifts. Thanks to your generosity we were able to give them: A new TV, DVD player, Sponge Bob movies, a Piano Keyboard, and an acoustic guitar. Soon after, we distributed the individual gift bags. The older children each received a watch thanks to Amy Nelson’s facebook plea for watches. The younger ones received a Barbie doll for the girls and cars for the boys, in addition to miscellaneous items and snacks. To quote Gaethan “the kids were overjoyed with their gifts”.

Tuesday we had a separate party for the older kids that are no longer at the Garden. They are good at entertaining themselves, so we just enjoyed their company and watched them reunite as a family. I’m happy to say everyone was able to come with the exception of Sherlindeda who is now living in the Cap Haitian area. Many of them shared how grateful they are for the support of their sponsors. Our support means more to them than we can ever know.

Wednesday we were back at the Garden. It was so nice to spend that time with them and be there to see them enjoy their gifts.

We praise God for the postponement of the Election, for all the gifts making it without getting stolen or broken, and the overall smoothness of the trip. Most of all for the kids themselves who remind us that sharing Christ’s love is what Christmas is all about.

September 2015 Trip

Haiti is in good hands! Hello Sponsors, friends and family. THANK YOU for your prayers. God was listening.

King’s Garden It was a very productive trip. Thursday was a day to enjoy the kids at the orphanage. Teri Dykhuis had the Garden kids total attention with the story and crafts she had planned. The kids read the story of David and Goliath and then had crafts to go along with the story. They colored a huge picture of Goliath and then made poppers that shot yarn balls at him. They also made David’s pouch and rocks out of felt and clay. They threw the clay at Goliath and conquered the giant. When you have a little bit of chaos, you know it was a success.

We had a short visit with the kids Sunday afternoon. We went to their church service and enjoyed watching them devour the mangos my friend Twana bought for the kids.

Graduates from King’s Garden Friday ReachGlobal graciously came and taught Bible storying to the Graduates from the Garden. The training taught the kids the art of storytelling, which helps to illustrate points and share the gospel. Reachglobal used the story of Zaccheaus and then the graduates were divided into teams and assigned a Bible story to learn and retell.

While the Graduates were participating with ReachGlobal, Mark and I met one on one with each of the young adults. We were able to get updates on their lives and had the privilege to pray for them about their biggest concerns. It gives us a peek of the daily struggles these kids face and how important it is to continue to support and encourage them.

One of the main goals of this ministry is to help them become independent productive adults. We ultimately want the kids to be empowered and not dependent on us. An important step to this process is to form an Association that is able to distribute their monthly funds with out relying on King’s Organization, Dr. Morquette or any other outside help, other than Hearten Haiti Project (HHP) and the support their sponsors send. The first step is to become a legal association so they can open a bank account. This should become official at the end of September. They have already established the leadership team as follows: President Jean Marc (Moise) Alexandre, Treasurer Juniot Jean-Baptiste, Secretary Wilna Francois, Advisor Sindy Francois and Assistant Secretary Melissa Metellus.

Saturday was devoted to casting vision for the association. God had already been working! The leadership team had already had many discussions about the organization. The kids were on the same page as us and took over the meeting. We were blow away by how much thought they had already put into the issues such as distributing the monthly money with out cash to protect everyone involved. They will take over all requests for money and follow up with collecting receipts, verifying report cards and general accountability. We also encouraged them to dream big. With good stewardship comes more opportunity. If all goes well, we will help them raise money that can start a small business such as making soap. We can send mission teams that will support their vision and help them raise resources to create jobs and income for themselves. The kids had already been talking about such possibilities.

I am so encouraged by this trip. In the past it has been about how can we help them. Now it is about them owning their future and the possibilities are endless!

2014 King's Christmas Party

To see a slide show of the highlights visit our facebook page. To sum it up short, but very sweet.

Saturday we were supposed to arrive at 9am but of course we had a little snag. As we were boarding our plane to PAP, one of the passengers opened the emergency exit, which deployed the slide. The plane was now inoperable. AA found another plane and gratefully we were only about 2 hours behind schedule. We were picked up from the airport and went directly to the orphanage. Thanks to Amy Nelson and her generous friends, we were able to give every child a new sheet set and a pillow. The kids also each received picture Bibles thanks to Jim & Teri Dykhuis. It was a nice way to start.

PricileBible We took a few of the older kids from the Garden and some of the Graduates shopping. We wanted the kids to pick out the snacks that would go into their gift bags. As always it was a blast just hanging out with the kids. In the van Manouchka was playing the Destiny Child’s song “When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no”. The girls and boys tried to out sing each other. It became our theme song.

Sunday morning we went to the Garden to spend more time with the kids. At lunchtime we returned to the Morquette’s for the big meal of the day. Late afternoon we were  heading to their InChurchchurch for a  Christmas concert. It was a first  time for me. All the kids from the  Garden met us there and it was beautiful to be able to sit in church  with the kids and listen to “The First  Noel” in French and other  traditional and unfamiliar songs.  They ended with the same tradition  that CCC does with candlelight only  it was to “O Holy Night”. It made my Christmas. Prior to leaving for Haiti, I always struggle to get into the Christmas Spirit because it’s such a busy time and I’m preoccupied getting ready for the trip. But that evening put me in the Christmas spirit. It really felt like Christmas Eve knowing that the big party was tomorrow. There was no place I’d rather have been.

Monday the big day was pretty low key. We knew the kids wanted to perfCorasonFoodorm so we kept the agenda pretty simple and flexible. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned (what a surprise) and by the time we handed out the gifts it was getting dark. Most of the little kids dispersed and brought the gift bags into their rooms so they could see them. And because it was so late, we had to leave right away. That was so disappointing to me because I really didn’t get to see them open their gifts or even say goodbye to many of them. For the ones that did say goodbye it was heartbreaking. There were many tears shed on both sides. It was a rough way to leave.

The next morning on the way to the airport we stopped quickly at the Garden to pick up something we forgot. Pretty much nobody was around, except for Wolf. He was playing with a monkey he had received from the party. The smile on his face was a gift I sorely need from God.

I’m very excited about the group gift this year. My husband suggested we finish the kid’s basketball court. Currently the ground is dirt with rocks. It has a wall that is falling apart and is jagged and uncomfortable to sit on. I got the estimate while I was there, and of course it’s the amount of money I had left from your sponsorship gifts! After it’s completed, I’ll share some pictures of the before and after.


This year seemed extra special to me. I don’t know if it was because it was my third trip since July or what, but the kids seem so appreciative. They we extra loving and gave back so much to us through their performances. Dr. Morquette says the Christmas party is the day they wait for all year.

2014 Graduate Discipleship Trip

Submitted by Ro & Karen Sparacio August 1, 2014Faithful prayer support team, During our time in Haiti your prayers were felt and answered. We definitely felt the presence of the Holy Spirit after a rough start (one of our team members had a passport snafu). We were able to connect with the Graduates on a deeper level and our conversations revealed their current greatest concerns and how we might be able to prepare future alumni from Kings. Two days with the alumni involved devotions, bible study and 'hang time'. We also met with Pierre Julian, a Haitian man who has a heart for his country and mentoring young adults on a holistic level to impact the culture and country of Haiti. He has committed to mentoring the alumni on a regular basis, which is a critical component to their next steps as young adults. Pierre also will counsel future teams supplementing his mentoring and the alumni's need for skills. The other part of our time was spent with the children at Kings Garden and included team building activities, songs, crafts and dancing. The children enjoyed the hoola hoops we brought and proved they are way more flexible than we are! They also loved the karaoke machine we brought and played praise music for hours, singing along in English and Creole. Like most children, they are like sponges and want to learn whatever we are willing to teach them: English words, bible stories, praise songs, or games. But mostly these children want to be held and loved on and we did that as much as we could. They are precious children and a joy to be around. The four days we had with both groups of children went fast and once again we came home experiencing culture shock comparing the wealth of all we have here in the U.S to the little the Haitians have. While we had a great time with the kids and learned a lot, we also were saddened by some of the stories we heard. But that drives us back to Jesus, who is Father to all and is in control of all things. We wouldn't be able to do these trips without your prayer support, so once again we thank you for lifting us up. Blessings, Ro and Karen  

2013 Christmas Party

Wow what a blessing those kids are! I’m always amazed at how eager the kids are to be loved. And how easy it is to love them. Within minutes they had us wrapped around their fingers. Little Jirolson who is new to the Garden attached himself to Tyler. I asked Jirolson if Tyler was his Zanmi (friend) he said no, Papa. It broke my heart but reminded me why we were there. I always find it strange that the kids can get so attached when there are so many visitors coming and going from the Garden. Dr. Morquette explained it to me later that week. He said that orphans are the lowest of the low. The school children would beat them down and even the House Moms would tell them that they were unwanted. That changed when teams started coming to the Garden. We poured our love on them and showed that they were valuable. It changed the way the school kids and the house mom’s saw them. I’ve noticed a huge change with the Mama’s. They are more nurturing to the children and are truly happy to see us. What a great reminder of Gods love and how He is close to the broken hearted and that we are all valuable in His sight. Click to view pictures of the party

Thanks to your generosity we had enough money to take some of the older kids shopping to pick out a group gift for everyone at the Garden. The boys spotted a pair of professional wireless microphones and some huge speakers. At first I was skeptical because it was a lot of money. Their pitch was they could use them for Bible studies as well as singing. The speakers had a built in radio and USB port to play music. When the girls agreed with their purchase I gave in. They chose it over the Wii so I figured it was a wise choice on their part. We will see how well they take care of it. Hopefully it will still be working next time I’m there.

Our first party day was at the Garden. All but one of the Graduates was able to join us (Fleurette). We decorated and ate cookies, played games, had a huge lunch and then broke into four groups and rehearsed for the Christmas play. We gave the kids the big group gift and it was received with great joy.

Day two was at the chapel a block from Dr. Morquette’s house. Most of the Graduates returned even though they already received their gift. It was a blessing to give the kids a new environment and a huge amount of space where they could just play and hang out. After lunch we got back into our groups and rehearsed for the big Christmas Drama. We brought the four groups together and enjoyed each other’s performance. We had a narrator explaining the importance of Christmas and afterwards Donna wrapped it up with a Gospel presentation. Four of the kids accepted Christ (Robenson, Mirlanda, Saralie & Micaella). My biggest regret is that I didn’t get to talk with the kids afterwards to see where they were at and if this was their first time asking Jesus to be their Savior. At this point we were out of time. We quickly had cake and decided to give them their individual gift bags the next day.

Day Three we had a late start. After some site seeing and miscellaneous shopping for the kids, we finally arrived at the Garden. After lunch we passed out the individual gift bags. One little boy squealed when he saw his car. How beautiful it was to see a little thing like a car bring so much joy. It’s one of the main reasons I appreciate the trip to Haiti in the middle of the busiest time of year. I didn’t see my kids get that excited about any of their gifts. Probably because they have everything they need and want already.

Overall it was the smoothest Christmas party trip we have had. Spending three and a half days with the kids made the difference. We were able to spread the treats and activities out and that gave us flexibility and plenty of time to just enjoy the kids.

Thanks so much for your continued generosity and commitment to the kids. Because of your support, these kids know that they are loved and valued not just in God’s eyes but in ours as well.

Discipleship Trip Summary

What a privilege to spend three days with our Young adults from King’s Garden. The first day we had 16 out of 18 Graduates attend. The second and third day we had all 18 in attendance. I was so encouraged that their roots in King’s Garden are strong enough to make this time with us and each other their priority. We provided breakfast, lunch and transportation each day for them and that allowed for us to start on time and have time for fellowship. In our three days, we discussed what kind of soil we are, God’s Love, Sin, Truth, Power, & Hope.

Our main purpose of the trip was to help them establish Bible Study on their own. During the teaching time we taught them a method they can apply to their reading and for discussion. It simply asks…What did you like about this passage (thumbs up)? What did you not like about this passage (thumbs down)? What does this teach you about the nature of God (point up)? What does this teach you about the nature of people (point down)? How can I apply this to myself (point to self)? Who are you going to share this with (point out)? The most rewarding part of the trip was to see the kids in their small group applying the method. They were into it and took it very seriously. We challenged them to meet regularly and have a Bible Study and pray for each other. They elected a leader (that was very entertaining) and will meet the last Saturday of the month at King’s. I’ll be checking in with them to see how it goes.

The highlight of the trip was when the kids spontaneously started sharing how the consistency of CCC and the GoTeams impacted their lives. They so appreciated the support of the sponsors and that they were not abandoned when they left the Garden. For myself I really needed to hear that. With the difference in language and culture it’s not always clear that we are appreciated. So incase you were wondering, YES we are making a difference. TeamGrads copy 2013-08TeamGradsGroup

2012 King's Christmas Party

This year we decided to get the kids out of the Garden and into the beautiful Haitian countryside. Many of the Graduates joined us, which made it special for all the kids. Dr. Morquette gathered the kids and told them the Christmas story. We had a ton of food. After everybody had seconds, we fed the neighbors with the left-overs. The next day we had the present portion of the party. We started with the kids drawing each other’s name and then helped them pick out a present for the person they drew. We had a bunch of small gifts and they did a great job of matching the present with their person. This was my favorite part of the trip. I don’t think they had ever done anything like that before and they really enjoyed the whole process. Later we handed out their personal gift bag and then a Doll House for the girls and a Hot Wheel Garage for the boys. That must have been God’s idea because the kids were really excited with the gifts. Wednesday we also served the kids a big lunch with cake for desert. Some of the Graduates were able to come back and join us. It was a wonderful day where we got to just hang out with the kids.

Click here to see pictures.

"An Oasis of Hope"

Whenever we take a trip to a new country, we visualize what it may be like.  In the case of Haiti, nothing we had pictured in our minds became reality.  Many of the roads were the worst we had ever driven on.  The people seemed as though they had accepted the reality of their lives, very poor economic conditions with little hope for improvement.  Coming into Kings Garden, the people seemed like they were at an oasis of hope.  The orphans were happy, with big smiles, interacting with one another in a loving way, the way happy kids do.  The graduates of the orphanage had a reunion on one of the days we visited and their love for each other was beyond description.  The children at the school looked so nice in their uniforms and were very attentive and eager to learn.  The teachers were very impressive.  The hospital patients did not show the same qualities so they represented some of the poorest in Haiti.  I think they impacted the staff as the staff's level of joy and enthusiasm seemed low. Written by Tom after his trip to Haiti and King's Organization October 2012

Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti

Written by Laurie Mueller

July 16, 2012upon return from Haiti missions.

Dear faithful friends and family,

God has brought me home from Haiti with a changed heart.  It was a powerfully moving experience.

I cannot thank you enough for your support.   Please permit me to try to describe my experience……

Imagine sitting in an air conditioned van, driving through the chaotic, pot-holed streets of Port-au-Prince. You see block after block of concrete walls, rubble and garbage, tent cities scattered throughout, with remnants of “US AID..a gift from the American people” on the tent tarps. Goats, dogs, roosters walk freely amongst the crowds and gaudy colored “tap-taps”(taxis).  Women and men carrying baskets and water bags on their heads, and row after row of people desperate to sell their produce and second hand shoes & clothes on the edge of the street.  Their faces grab you. Sadness, despair, just trying to survive.  From the van I feel so isolated and insolated from the people….so I put my hand on the window, just trying to connect, wave, get a smile from someone…. especially a child.  Then it hits me… these are the poor, the oppressed, the needy, the ones for whom Jesus said, “whatever you do for the least of these, you do unto Me.” These are the ones so very precious to the heart of Jesus. The ones whom He reached out to actually touch with His hand and heart of hope.  Who am I that I should be given this privilege to walk in Jesus’ sandals to enter His heart to bring His hope to these precious souls?


I think of times I have thought and heard others say we feel uncomfortable being amongst the poor, being in such a setting.  We’d rather remain in the other side of the air conditioned window.  Why is this?  Is it because we prefer our creature comforts? We’re offended by the sights and smells? It makes us feel guilty for what we have? We’d rather not be reminded of such need for fear that we’d be challenged to do something, to give of ourselves to help them?  Frankly, I wonder if the poor are more privileged than I, because they have learned, yes out of necessity, to live a lifestyle of total dependence on God-to be their source for every daily need.  Our host, Dr. Hubert Morquette, told us, “Haitians have hope…not that the nation of Haiti will ever get better, no theirs is an individualistic hope….hope that life for myself will get better.” Could it be because they have learned the “better life” by leaning hard on God’s provision each day, experiencing- God the Source of all good- is trustworthy. Might I learn the same…to simply be a vessel receiving His grace and through which His grace flows? Could it be that creature comforts stop up the flow…Simplicity and generosity open up the flow… O Teach me, humble me, Lord Jesus.


This became my prayer as I interacted with the Haitian people and the orphaned children at King’s Garden orphanage.  The big dark eyes, the bright smiles on those coffee-colored faces, their laughter and joy in playing…they are simply children! Secured, safe, well cared for and loved by the efforts of Drs. Hubert and Junie Morquette, who chose to be vessels through whom God’s grace flows. While Junie was in Montreal preparing for their second daughter’s wedding, Hubert lavished us with delicious food and warm hospitality in his home with inspiring conversation every night about another aspect of life in Haiti-it’s history, voodoo, restivic children (abused orphans), life after the earthquake, the medical, economic and political situation there.  My view of the world has been opened wide…I have much to ponder….How am I to be a vessel of hope to Haiti?


An answer began to emerge by the middle of my week there. My heart was especially drawn to the older boys and girls, ages 16-18, who are about to leave the orphanage.  Two of the boys are in the process of being adopted by families from our home church, like 6-7 children before them.  But there were 2- 18 year old girls about to graduate too…what of hope for them?  When I came home, I was awed that God had put the same idea on Rich’s heart as He had on mine..without us even talking beforehand…..The One Who has given us so much…would have us partner with others to begin a scholarship program for these young men and women, to provide them vocational and university education opportunities so they can bring hope to Haiti.  He has brought hope through a heart that has been changed.  This is life abundant.  The privilege of being a vessel…experiencing God’s grace flowing in…Being a vessel through which God’s hope flows through.  What a liberating reality…seeing the Father …Who is the Source of All Good…bringing hope to people that matter to Him.      To Him be the glory.


Do you realize that you have been vessels too?  It was by God’s generosity flowing through your prayer and financial support that hope has come to these people, and my life has been changed.  I invite you to continue that flow…keep American Airlines in business in Haiti, providing jobs to their people….go and serve at King’s Hospital with your medical skills, at King’s Garden with your heart of love and educational skills, sponsor a child, support a graduate, pray for the people of Haiti.   I am convinced that the hope of Haiti will not come from governments and agencies but from individuals and churches working together to partner with and empower the strength within these people.  Together, let’s keep their hope alive!


With a heart of gratitude and hope for Haiti,









First Official HHP Team-Playground Install

Our first team consisting of 8 men traveled to Haiti to install a playground for King's Garden and School.  Funds for the playground were donated by the kids from Ferson Creek School in St. Charles, IL and children from the Vacation Bible of the Mennonite Church in Lowpoint, IL.  This is what the team leader, Ro Sparacio had to say about the trip... "All the playground equipment was installed. Despite the hot temps the team worked well together and good fellowship was had by all. We had opportunities to get to know the Haitian masons “Boss Michelange” (Michelangelo ) and Pileon who we worked alongside. Over lunch Michelange shared his favorite scripture John 3:16 and what it meant to him. It was clear these men had a passion for Christ and their faith was their foundation despite the difficulties of finding work to support their families. Time was short but we sensed both men were encouraged as we listened to their life stories and shared ours. Both men’s faith in Christ were an inspiration. The team took frequent water breaks which also included interaction with the always inquisitive and fun-loving children. Needless to say they couldn’t wait for the footings to solidify so they could enjoy the equipment. The last day onsite concluded with the children’s expressing their appreciation in word and song (Every Move I Make was one of many).

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17"

Dr. Morquette reports that the children love the new playground and were touched by the generosity of the American children who donated.