Discipleship Trip Summary

What a privilege to spend three days with our Young adults from King’s Garden. The first day we had 16 out of 18 Graduates attend. The second and third day we had all 18 in attendance. I was so encouraged that their roots in King’s Garden are strong enough to make this time with us and each other their priority. We provided breakfast, lunch and transportation each day for them and that allowed for us to start on time and have time for fellowship. In our three days, we discussed what kind of soil we are, God’s Love, Sin, Truth, Power, & Hope.

Our main purpose of the trip was to help them establish Bible Study on their own. During the teaching time we taught them a method they can apply to their reading and for discussion. It simply asks…What did you like about this passage (thumbs up)? What did you not like about this passage (thumbs down)? What does this teach you about the nature of God (point up)? What does this teach you about the nature of people (point down)? How can I apply this to myself (point to self)? Who are you going to share this with (point out)? The most rewarding part of the trip was to see the kids in their small group applying the method. They were into it and took it very seriously. We challenged them to meet regularly and have a Bible Study and pray for each other. They elected a leader (that was very entertaining) and will meet the last Saturday of the month at King’s. I’ll be checking in with them to see how it goes.

The highlight of the trip was when the kids spontaneously started sharing how the consistency of CCC and the GoTeams impacted their lives. They so appreciated the support of the sponsors and that they were not abandoned when they left the Garden. For myself I really needed to hear that. With the difference in language and culture it’s not always clear that we are appreciated. So incase you were wondering, YES we are making a difference. TeamGrads copy 2013-08TeamGradsGroup