"An Oasis of Hope"

Whenever we take a trip to a new country, we visualize what it may be like.  In the case of Haiti, nothing we had pictured in our minds became reality.  Many of the roads were the worst we had ever driven on.  The people seemed as though they had accepted the reality of their lives, very poor economic conditions with little hope for improvement.  Coming into Kings Garden, the people seemed like they were at an oasis of hope.  The orphans were happy, with big smiles, interacting with one another in a loving way, the way happy kids do.  The graduates of the orphanage had a reunion on one of the days we visited and their love for each other was beyond description.  The children at the school looked so nice in their uniforms and were very attentive and eager to learn.  The teachers were very impressive.  The hospital patients did not show the same qualities so they represented some of the poorest in Haiti.  I think they impacted the staff as the staff's level of joy and enthusiasm seemed low. Written by Tom after his trip to Haiti and King's Organization October 2012